Creating authentic, powerful speakers

We use practical and effective methods to make your audience sit up and listen. Being a great communicator doesn’t mean turning into someone you’re not. Our coaching encompasses your personality.  

Our Flavourful Approach:

🎤 Comedy Background: We’re not your average trainers; we have a stand-up comedy twist.

🌟 Engaging Techniques: Learn how to connect, engage, and shine in any communication scenario.

💪 Authority Dynamics: Flex your authority to captivate your audience.

🕰 Precision Timing: Deliver with confidence and perfect timing.

📚 Creative Writing: Tap into your creative side for compelling content.

🗂 Organisational Skills: Discover the importance of staying organised.

🤔 Quick Thinking: Learn to think on your feet in any situation.

Do you find the Public Speaking coaching on offer to be formal and outdated? We did. Public Speaking has evolved, long winded styles of presenting are gone. You no longer have to leave your personality at the door. Effective public speakers connect more powerfully with their audience by being themselves and by adding humour. We’ve been well documented in the media, check out our Press Page.

Can humour enhance audience engagement?

The most common denominator of TED talks last year was humour. Humour keeps your audience engaged, breaks up technical language, and lightens even the most heavy information loads.

At Speakeasy, we know how to innovate your speech to make audience engagement a priority. We take a fresh approach to unleash the Speaker within to deliver a presentation that forms connections, influences decisions and motivates change. We help clients with TED talks, Corporate Business Pitches, Online presenting and Networking presentations.

How does the coaching work?

Speakeasy coaching can be virtual or in person. There’s one to one coaching and group coaching programmes. Training can be delivered in-house or at our offices. Team development training is tailored to suit your company’s objectives. 

Change how you feel about Public Speaking

Speakeasy Coaching will change how you feel about Public Speaking and give you the confidence and know-how to inspire your audience with a presentation style that’s engaging, memorable and persuasive. 

About the Speakeasy Coaching Founder

The founder of Speakeasy, Louise Stevenson, is an established coach and an active public speaker. Additionally, she also has over twenty years’ experience as a stand-up comedian. She uses that experience to help others create engaging content and deliver it with confidence and style. Louise knows the power of humour and is able to help you tap into it to make you and your business memorable.

About Us 1

Louise is also a published writer and has written several novels. She gained her Post Graduate Diploma and Masters degree in Creative Writing in 2011. This puts her in the unique position of having both experience and the key credentials needed for Public Speaking, writing and delivering.

Speakeasy Coaching trains leaders from Amex, EDF, Virgin Atlantic, and NatWest though also works with smaller companies and entrepreneurs who are striving to make their mark. 

If you want to be an authentic speaker who can more effectively influence and motivate, start the coaching and see results. Get in touch to discuss your vision, ideas and plans. Or Connect with us on LinkedIn.

“Louise is a fantastic coach who has helped me greatly in public speaking and getting ready for pitching. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She listens to your concerns, asks for feedback, follows up with resources and allows you to get the most out of your sessions. 10/10” Caroline Morton-Software Developer.

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