The Stand up for Charity Challenge is a unique opportunity for employees to write and perform 5 minutes of original stand-up comedy or create a Ted style Talk and deliver it live on stage, in front of their colleagues, clients, friends and family – whilst raising funds for a local charity. The brave souls need no comedy or public speaking background as training is provided in a safe and enjoyable environment.

This is an opportunity to engage employees, demonstrate corporate responsibility and support charity partnerships, while enhancing employee confidence and presentation skills. Much more exciting and beneficial than building a raft we think!

Organisations recognise the value of confident employees who can step out of their comfort zone, and work as a team to achieve something amazing. The Stand Up for Charity Challenge can be used to support retention programmes, incentive and reward scheme’s, senior management team bonding, team building and employee/ supplier/ customer engagement and more.

How does this charity fundraising project work?

Select 10 attendees who are up for the challenge, to deliver a Ted Style Talk or a 5-minute comedy set.

Dates will be booked with a professional comedian & communications coach to teach key delivery and timing techniques and help them prepare their content. Personalised feedback will be given for each attendee. These training sessions can be in person or online.

A date will be set for a graduation event to showcase your teams’ new skills. A professional comedian is provided for the graduation event to compere the show.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss taking up this amazing challenge.

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