One to One Coaching

We know that Public Speaking can be scary so our aim is to provide a safe, relaxed and fun space to experiment and grow in. One to one coaching is a sure way of fast tracking your ability as a confident communicator.

If you want someone you can trust to help you navigate professional challenges and decisions, then I can help. I provide professional coaching techniques to support, challenge and empower you to make great decisions and excel in confidence, and ultimately your career. 

If you want to be an authentic, strong communicator, you can! If you want to arrange a call, then Get in touch.

At Speakeasy, we evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and build a programme that improves your delivery, timing, stage presence, confidence, mindset, and content.

Many of us find public speaking stressful. Stress doesn’t help us make the smartest decisions, but recent research shows that anxiety caused by stress doesn’t just cause bad decisions, it can actually lower IQ. Being able to overcome that fear has wide benefits, not just in our professional lives, but also in our personal lives.

We create a comfortable environment in which to thrive and enjoy learning. We want you to be as relaxed as possible and authentically you. We work hard during the sessions but there’s often a few laughs too.

Coaching can be virtual or in person, dependant on location. The sessions are tailored around your specific goals. We work on whatever areas you need help with. Every session, you’ll practice and receive honest feedback. Your communications will become well structured, with clear objectives and you will be able to deliver with confidence and style.

What to do next?

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It all begins with a one hour 1:1 Taster Session. You’ll meet one of our expert coaches and experience our teaching methods for yourself. We’ll help you uncover your strengths and growth areas and put together a tailor-made outline of what we can work on together.

PRINCIPAL COACH – £145   |   HEAD COACH – £220

(inc. VAT)

Let’s Book in a call to find a date for your Taster.


"I bought a 121 package with Louise with the aim of improving my confidence around public speaking. Booking with an expert was important to me so I would be held accountable to making progress between sessions. By the end, I felt I had an armoury of tactics to use in future talks I give, or even ad-hoc interactions I have at work. I also built-up content blocks over the sessions which I can use as a basis for future talks. I would absolutely recommend Louise to anyone thinking about improving their public speaking skills. She has a wealth of experience which she shares with you in an engaging, informal and, crucially, helpful way. I feel much more confident and have lots of resources I can go back to revise what I learn
Alex Wood
Director, Customer Insights, Brandwatch

Speakeasy Coaching is for you if:

  • You need to be an authority in your field
  • You have a team that would benefit from training
  • You are an industry expert who needs to set the status quo
  • You’re a leader in your organisation
  • You manage a team or department and need to communicate clearly
  • You need to know how to handle a question and answer session
  • You need to provide immediate messages under pressure both within and outside of your organisation
  • You need to engage and motivate your team and win more business
  • You’re pitching for business in a competitive area
  • You’re an entrepreneur who needs to communicate with all departments in your business
  • You want to hone your skills as a keynote speaker
  • You have an Ofsted or 360 evaluation planned

The Benefits of Speakeasy Coaching

  • You’ll excel at engaging your audience
  • You’ll find inspiration and ideas to create great content
  • You’ll see a marked improvement in your public speaking skills
  • You’ll lose your fear of Public Speaking
  • You’ll have the ability to present confidently at Networking events
  • You’ll break out of your comfort zone
  • You’ll enhance your confidence which will impact all aspects of life
  • You’ll be able to add humour into your communications
  • You’ll be able to impact on a larger audience through Public Speaking
  • You’ll master stage presence and delivery know-how
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