Client Feedback

Louise ran a fantastic course for a group of colleagues. The employee feedback was incredible, with every single person asking for further sessions with Louise. Louise curated a thoughtful, engaging and entertaining course that built confidence in communications and Public Speaking through really enjoyable activities.

We will use Louise again!

John Tovey, American Express

I bought coaching sessions with Louise with the aim of improving my confidence around public speaking. Booking with an expert was important to me so I would be held accountable to making progress between sessions. By the end, I felt I had an armoury of tactics to use in future talks I give, or even ad-hoc interactions I have at work. I also built up content blocks over the sessions which I can use as a basis for future talks.
I would absolutely recommend Louise to anyone thinking about improving their public speaking skills. She has a wealth of experience which she shares with you in an engaging, informal and, crucially, helpful way. I feel much more confident and have lots of resources I can go back to to revise what I learnt.

Alex Wood, Director Customer Insights, Brandwatch

Louise is a fantastic coach who has helped me greatly in public speaking and getting ready for pitching. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She listens to your concerns, asks for feedback, follows up with resources and allows you to get the most out of your sessions. 10/10

Caroline Morton, entrepreneur

If you have a group of smart people in your team who for what ever reason don’t always exhibit the right confidence and or the ability to articulate in an open forum then they should spend time with Louise. The team loved it and the outcome was brilliant. I 100% recommend.

Daniel Titterton, CEO Pi Datametrics

I was lucky enough to attend Louise’s Public Speaking course with Brighton Chamber. It was a practical course where I learnt great techniques for future speaking opportunities. I now feel more confident about speaking in public.  My confidence grew week on week and the other course attendees are awesome. Excellent experience.


Andrew Thomas,  CEO Reborn

I had a 1:1 package with Louise to help make some marketing content less “meh.” She was super knowledgeable, broke down my presentation really quickly and came up with a handful of tips that made the world of difference. Not just a great talent, but able to teach that talent to others as well. Definitely recommended.


Stephen Pratley, CEO, The Conversion Co.

Sarah Springford, CEO Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce 1

Louise ran one of the sessions at Brighton Summit & got great feedback with people seeing the value of using the preparations and skills needed for doing Stand Up and Presentations to help you and your team talk about your business – whether it’s answering the phone or doing a pitch. Louise has lots of ways to help from 121 coaching, for when you have been invite to be a guest speaker, to running a team workshop.

Sarah Springford, CEO Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce

Our team met Louise when she was invited into our EDF offices to run a course. She imparted a feeling of enthusiasm to everyone and helped me analyse and understand my own performance in speaking in front of groups. I identified gaps and felt progress in a very short time. Thanks Lou!’

Jay Bashi, EDF Digital Manager

Peter Longton- Senior Insights Manager 2

If you’re lucky enough to be coached by Louise you will leave the course feeling more confident.

I was part of the course Louise ran at Pi Datametrics. Entering the first session wondering what to expect, the whole team was relieved that rather than a stuffy approach Louise’s approach was relaxed and fuelled by humour. This combined with ample opportunities to practice public speaking allowed us to thrive.

Any organisation looking to build confidence and rapport within a team would benefit from Louise’s coaching.

The course has been amazing. I feel like I need a weekly session with Louise to give me the confidence to tackle the week ahead. Any company could benefit from this. Particularly agencies who are pitching or giving regular important status presentations to clients. I’d love for everyone at Pi to complete this course, particularly the other members of the Customer team! I would highly recommend.

Peter Longton- Senior Insights Manager

What a pleasure it’s been to attend Louise’s public speaking course! I really can’t recommend it enough. The course has a hands-on focus and encourages learning by doing. Everything is infused with Louise’s humour and great energy. It also turned out to be a fantastic team-building experience.

Silvia Collado Senior SEO Manager

Louise runs a brilliant course on public speaking with huge amounts of positive energy and an emphasis on having a go, rather than lots of dry theory.

It’s been really great to learn how to go about crafting and delivering a good presentation and I’ve learned so many interesting things about my colleagues from their talks on a range of topics. Having the chance to repeatedly practice presenting while receiving constructive feedback has been invaluable

At the start of the course Louise assured us that by the end, not only would we stand up and deliver a presentation in front of people, but we would actually enjoy doing it! This seemed impossible to believe but she turned out to be right. She created an environment that helped to bring the best out of everyone and by the final week all of my colleagues were delivering presentations with such confidence!

It’s been an amazing opportunity to put in a load of practice, especially in a context where we can receive proper feedback. One of the things the course has really confirmed for me is the importance of preparation and practice. If I could spend more time preparing my talks I could try out more of the techniques we’ve learned and would get better at those things as well as be more confident delivering. Really good. It’s been a nice experience spending time with people who I don’t work with day to day – especially when they’re all so interesting! Lots of good stuff has been shared. The course itself has been really well run. Nice positive energy and an emphasis on having a go, rather than lots of dry theory.

Andrew Mabbott Head of Development

Week by week, I have witnessed the team all grow in confidence and skill. This is all down to Louise’s support and ability to create a relaxed, creative environment. We have laughed our way through the course and has been the highlight of the week.

From the very start, Louise made sure everyone felt at ease and created a very relaxed environment. This really helped me push my boundaries and spurred me on to try different techniques that I would never have had the opportunity to do in a real-life situation. We have pushed ourselves each week to improve our talks and each week we’ve received feedback from Louise which is much appreciated.  Week by week, I have witnessed the team all grow in confidence and skill. This is all down to Louise’s support and ability to create a relaxed, creative environment. We have laughed our way through the course and has been the highlight of the week.

Neil Mason Senior Customer Success Manager

I really enjoyed this course and have already recommended it to multiple contacts. It was the perfect tone for our company as wasn’t stuffy and corporate but was really fun. This was invaluable in making our group comfortable with each other and really encouraging of each other. It also took us through techniques for planning our content as well as delivering it which was extremely helpful. I would give the course 10/10! I think the positive approach to the feedback throughout this course is what makes it so great. It meant everyone was so comfortable both with Louise and with each other quickly and then people were happy to receive this feedback to improve. Louise also made individuals excited about public speaking and up for the challenge! I personally loved the mind mapping experiences, and this will definitely be the starting points for all my talks going forward.

Sophie Moule Head of Product and Marketing

Louise’s course was truly amazing! Louise really pushes you to get out of your comfort zone. She was a great coach and gave me so much confidence in myself.  8 weeks ago, I wouldn’t of dreamed of getting on a stage and presenting in front of an audience. She truly has been amazing, and I highly recommend her. Thank you so much. A lot of homework which helped and was very much needed. Great to come out of my comfort zone.

Thanks for such a great course!

Holly Lloyd Senior Marketing Manager

The confidence that Louise has given me over the last 8 weeks is incredible. Louise really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I cannot believe the progress that I have made in my public speaking ability since Louise has been coaching me. I would highly recommend Louise as she is very enthusiastic, fun and approachable. Thank you Louise.

I loved how Louise made this course informal and as such the team could relax and be themselves. We are much closer as a team now than we were before this course. We’ve grown closer as a team. Our confidence has grown so much, and Louise has been amazing.

Vanesha Ramsamy Customer Success Leader

Louise’s course has been truly eye opening. Such a wonderful way of improving skills in a judgment free environment and having fun whilst doing so.
If you are looking to hire a public speaking coach for your team or employees, I highly recommend Louise if your aim goes beyond learning a skill, but also strengthening your team and build powerful relationships.

Alice Andreotti SEO Manager

‘Louise’s Ted style talk really made an impact with our seminar attendees. She was able to bring humour to a serious topic and delivered a thoughtful and thoroughly entertaining talk.’

Catherine Williams, Foreign Office

I booked on Louise’s communications coaching and I had a fantastic time, learning lots of techniques on how to talk in public with confidence. Louise designed some interactive exercises which gave us all the opportunity to practise throughout the course. It was amazing to see how the group’s confidence grew as we progressed. Our final task was presenting on a stage with a mike. This was the perfect opportunity to apply what we had learnt in a safe environment. The whole course was fun, informative, and full of laughter. Louise comfortably pushed us out of our comfort zone – in a good way! I would strongly recommend Louise’s coaching to anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills and boost their confidence.

Clare Griffiths, Sussex University

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Louise. We engaged Speakeasy Coaching to spend the afternoon with my team in Brighton and to bring them out of their shells. By the end of the afternoon, we had a team of people who not only had a great time but had also surprised themselves. We have seen the results from boosting their ability to speak with confidence to our clients. Thanks Louise

Jason Kirk, CEO Kirk & Kirk

I had the total pleasure of enjoying and learning at one of Lou’s bite size learning events with Brighton Chamber and hopefully am slowly putting all the great lessons shared by Lou into how I get my story, passion and my WHY over to an audience in a way that is engaging and real (I’ll have to keep working on the humour as it is accountancy). Lou gives you so much content that you wish you had known previously (30 plus years in my case but oh well !!) and will show you a better way than death by PowerPoint. In a world full of info overload basic communication skills are gold dust so whatever you do make sure you invest in a session with Lou to get your message heard and I guarantee you will not regret it.

Mark Tickle, chartered accountant

I had some public speaking 121 coaching to help me with my father of the bride speech. It was a riot. My speech went down a treat. Thank you Louise.

Andrew MacFadyen, Partner Dean Wilson LLP

Corrina Taylor 3

I remember it was such an intense week before the day of my Ted talk. I pretty much had to re-write it 5 days before I did it and you really helped me to structure it and give me some comical gems, as well as confidence! Very grateful for the things I’ve learnt from you. Found the 121 coaching invaluable because I had a specific deadline with the Ted talk. Loved working with you Louise!

Corrina Taylor

Gemma Savage - Girl Tribe Networking 4

Louise, thank you sooo much for sharing your story at our International women’s event. It was absolutely brilliant. Everyone really enjoyed it. Really great to hear you share your story. You are a perfect fit with what our networking group is all about and you really helped the women who come along to our events. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring story in such a down to earth way.

Gemma Savage – Girl Tribe Networking

David Hodge, Partner Dean Wilson LLP 5

My Father of the Bride Speech went really well – largely because of your input.  I was widely congratulated on my timings (entirely down to you) and managed to make them all laugh and cry. So all in all, thank you very much.  I am sure I will be father of the bride again so I will definitely be back to you then and will have no hesitation in recommending you whenever I have the opportunity to do so. Thank you.

David Hodge, Partner Dean Wilson LLP

Jim Cunliffe 6

This is the BEST course I have ever done… I learnt how to write, deliver and prepare. I run a business, and often have to stand up in front of large groups, and present. In recent years, my confidence had waned, and I found myself often winging it, not really making the most of the opportunity. The coaching has taught me to prepare, taught me to gain audience attention, know when I have that attention, and roll with it. It has totally changed my presentation delivery, and preparation – It’s BRILLIANT. I would recommend the coaching to anyone who has to present to groups, in their typical day to day working life. A worthwhile investment for any company. If you need a real life testimonial, call me up. Thank you Louise, you are brilliant.

Jim Cunliffe

John Tovey

‘Louise is a hugely successful businesswoman and talks with charm and wit on her incredible life story, business success and motivation.’

John Tovey, American Express

John Tovey

‘Louise ran a fantastic session for a group of colleagues. The employee feedback was incredible, with every single person asking for further sessions with Louise. Louise curated a thoughtful, engaging and entertaining session that built confidence in Public Speaking through really enjoyable activities. We will use Louise again!’

John Tovey, Operations Manager, American Express

Kate Taylor

I met Louise at a Brighton business event and was immediately struck by her warm personality and down-to-earth approach. I desperately needed help in combating my nerves around public speaking so we connected and arranged some sessions.

Lou was simply brilliant at helping me to break things down, helping me to understand how to structure my presentations and most importantly how to connect to an audience using humour. Taking what I’d learnt into practice I no longer feel crazy nerves and instead really look forward to standing up and speaking in front of a room full of people, and love getting a few laughs along the way. It often feels like I have Lou up there with me and I can hear her encouraging me from the sidelines.

Kate Taylor, Creativity & Wellbeing Coach

Andrew Thomas

I was lucky enough to attend Louise’s Public Speaking workshop with the Chamber of Commerce. It was a practical workshop where I learnt great techniques for future speaking opportunities. I now feel more confident about speaking in public. I then signed up for a coaching and hugely enjoyed it. My confidence grew week on week. It was an excellent experience.

Andrew Thomas, CEO Reborn

John Sethna

Public speaking has always been a sticky wicket for me, therefore I thought to overcome this fear what better way than to embark on an 8 week comedy course. The teacher Louise Stevenson is a master of her craft, and thankfully gave me the knowledge, confidence and tools to get up in front of 150 people and perform my own stand up gig. I loved every moment of it and would now like to think that not only have I overcome my fear of public speaking, however I now bloody OWN public speaking. Fully recommend this course if you’re looking to push yourself whilst having fun and meeting new people.

Jon Sethna, Founder Jonathan Sethna Interiors

Bee Nicholls

Louise delivered a fun and helpful workshop as part of the Chamber events calendar all about using comedy in public speaking. As a nervous public speaker, I came away with some useful practical tips to implement as well as some follow up homework (which I did!). Thanks for a good session!

Bee Nicholls, Project Manager, Brighton and Hove Chamber

Gavin Willis, Managing Director, Search Seven 7

I had the pleasure of attending one of Louise’s training sessions in November 2018, and it was great. Fun, informative and took a lot away from it that i can incorporate into my own presentation delivery. Great work Louise.

Gavin Willis, Managing Director, Search Seven

Grazyna Grzyb-Kuypers, Project Analyst, American Express 8

‘Our Public Speaking workshop was very informative but also fun. It involved a mixture of Louise presenting material on what skills we need to be a good public speaker, written exercises, stand up group activities and brain storming. We shared our own experiences, as well as doing some jumping and clapping! Louise made everybody welcome and created a safe environment where people were happy to speak up.’

Grazyna Grzyb-Kuypers, Project Analyst, American Express


What an amazing, fun course! Great way to develop presentation skills, concise writing and confidence. 100% the best thing I have ever done- Louise is the best teacher.

Hala Osman

Jen Smyth, Producer December 2018 9

Highly recommend this course. I loved that it was a small, friendly group. It was great being challenged from the outset to write and perform. It’s given me so much more confidence with my public speaking. Louise is a great tutor and very encouraging. This is a great way to learn and develop… so what are you waiting for? Get it booked!

Jen Smyth, Producer December 2018

Stephen Pratley

I’ve always dreaded Public speaking. Increasingly my job role was demanding me to step up and speak at events. I met Louise at an event and was genuinely excited by our conversation. To find that I could not just calm my fears of Public speaking but that I could also conquer them. I invested in 121 coaching. Right away I could feel my mindset change and my confidence rise. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants accountability and real improvement in their communications.

Stephen Pratley 

Wendy Capewell

I had some of Louise’s individual time to help me with improving a talk I was giving. She is amazing, offering some great insights and ideas for my talk, working with me, and what I want to achieve. Thank you so much Louise, I will be back for some more of your magic.

Wendy Capewell

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