Louise Stevenson

• CEO, Communications Coach, Comedian, Business Woman, Celebrant and Author
• Authority on Communications, Confidence, Public Speaking and Comedy
• Motivational speaker with thousands of seminar attendees
• Entrepreneur and Founder of Speakeasy Coaching

Louise Stevenson’s Speaker Profile

Louise Stevenson, a prominent figure in both the Business and Comedy spheres, stands out with her unique presence. Through individual and team coaching, along with innovative video and online courses, she has empowered thousands. Recognised for creating personalised coaching programs for executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs, Louise has received acclaim from business leaders for her thoughtful, engaging, and entertaining delivery. Discover more on our Press Page.

Louise’s Spotlight in Sussex Business Times

Louise didn’t just earn a feature; she was celebrated in Sussex Business Times, shining as one of the selected aspirational women of the year in the International Women’s Day showcase. This recognition not only underscores her remarkable contributions but also celebrates her leadership in the industry. Louise has set an outstanding standard for excellence and inspiration, a testament to her unwavering dedication, expertise, and the positive impact she consistently brings to the professional landscape.

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Louise was awarded a Master’s degree in Creative Writing by Sir Trevor McDonald and is the author of best seller How to be a Comedian and Smash your First Gig, and The New Comedians Handbook. She also writes fiction and her next book Die Laughing is due to be published by Funny Bones Publishing later this year.

Book a Speaker 4Her work has touched the lives of top entertainers, authors and business leaders. Louise provides an excellent balance of inspiration, theory and practical advice that will stick with you well after her talk. An engaging speaker with a terrific storytelling style, Louise has earned a reputation for entertaining, informing, and inspiring audiences. Beyond captivating keynote speeches, Louise thrives in the dynamic role of event hosting, where she seamlessly transitions into a panel guest or engaging interviewer, adding her unique flair to every occasion.

She founded her business Speakeasy Coaching for people who want to be Powerful and Authentic Speakers. She uses techniques from the world of comedy to help others create engaging content and deliver it with confidence and style. As CEO, she takes a key role in the day-to-day development and management of the company.

Louise started a career in stand-up comedy in 1999. She worked alongside Jimmy Carr, Alan Carr, Rich Hall and Steven K Amos among others as she entertained international audiences with her Glaswegian wit. Louise won numerous awards though was knocked out of Channel 4’s ‘So you think you’re funny’ competition by Russell Brand. Television appearances included RTE and Channel 4. She is also a regular performer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where she featured in a sell-out show Scotland’s Best and Guests.

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Featured in The Scotsman Newspaper

Speaking topics include:

  • The Power of Humour and Personality in Communication: How Laughter Builds Connection and Engagement and how to bring Authenticity to Your Work.
  • Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women in Business and Leadership
  • Crafting Compelling Presentations: Mastering the Art of Pitch and Present.
  • Authentic Leadership: Fostering Genuine Connections in the Workplace and Empowering Others to Lead and Succeed.
  • Captivating Hearts and Minds: How to Inspire and Engage Your Audience
  • Mastering the Art of Business Storytelling: Building Your Brand Narrative
  • Present for Success: Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit and Confidence to Elevate Your Business.
  • Life Behind the Laughter: A Stand-up Comedian’s Rollercoaster Journey

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Client Feedback

‘Louise’s Ted style talk really made an impact with our seminar attendees. She was able to bring humour to a serious topic and delivered a thoughtful and thoroughly entertaining talk.’

Catherine Williams, Foreign Office

Gemma Savage - Girl Tribe Networking 6

Louise, thank you sooo much for sharing your story at our International women’s event. It was absolutely brilliant. Everyone really enjoyed it. Really great to hear you share your story. You are a perfect fit with what our networking group is all about and you really helped the women who come along to our events. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring story in such a down to earth way.

Gemma Savage – Girl Tribe Networking

John Tovey

‘Louise is a hugely successful businesswoman and talks with charm and wit on her incredible life story, business success and motivation.’

John Tovey, American Express

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