Group Coaching 5

Speakeasy Coaching Options

121 Tailored sessions 

Personal Development of your professional presence.

Encouragement to support, challenge and empower you.

Learn organisational techniques to excel in your communications to achieve objectives.

Develop skills to help craft engaging content and deliver it with confidence.

3,6- and 12-month packages available.

The Accelerator Programme

A 8-session 121 structured coaching programme for high achieving talent

Content includes:

Identify current barriers and set objectives to overcome them

Clarity for next steps and goal setting

Build communications skills to excel at board level meetings

Create impactful messaging and sell your ideas with authority and energy

Create a plan for 12-18 months

The Groupfuel Programme

Tailored coaching for groups.

Find solutions for current pain points in your role/industry.

Easy to implement strategies for effective communications within your team and across the company.

Build your professional presence and impact.

Learn key techniques on presenting, public speaking and pitching, and deliver throughout the course to enhance your confidence and skills.

Develop strategies for handling nerves and self-doubt.

3,6- and 12-month packages available.

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Speakeasy Coaching provides communication programmes, one to one coaching and one day workshops to support development plans for teams and individuals at all levels.

Our coaching helps motivate employees, improve retention, increase productivity and engagement, and will empower employees, not just to become more confident, but to thrive.

We help Procurement, HR, team leaders, and managers with:

  • Coaching that can be integrated into company PDPs or individual learning funds.
  • Use unspent budget for coaching later in the year.
  • We provide group invoices and meet any procurement requirements.
  • We provide attendee feedback and progress after coaching.
  • We provide Lunch and Learn sessions.
  • We provide in person, online and Hybrid coaching.

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“I had the total pleasure of enjoying and learning at one of Louise’s Pitch and Present Workshops and am slowly putting all of the great lessons learnt into how I get my story, passion and my WHY over to an audience in a way that is engaging and real (I’ll have to keep working on the humour as it is accountancy). Lou gives you so much content that you wish you had known previously (30 plus years in my case but oh well!) and will show you a better way than death by PowerPoint.

In a world full of info overload basic communication skills are gold dust so whatever you do make sure you invest in a session with Lou to get your message heard and I guarantee you will not regret it.

Mark Tickle, Owner at Afresh Accounts

“I enthusiastically recommend Louise as a remarkable public speaking coach. Her ability to deliver powerful and effective presentations using PowerPoint is truly exceptional. Louise has a unique talent for helping individuals develop strong communication skills and captivate their audience. If you want to excel in public speaking and make a lasting impact, Louise is the coach you need!”

Carol Dalrymple, Leader at Virgin Atlantic

“Louise’s coaching style had a profoundly positive impact on my presentation and delivery skills. Louise helped improve my content and delivery to make any presentations with clients, leading team meetings, or at industry conferences more engaging and personable. She taught me how to compose my own content blocks which are critical to deliver with confidence! Finally, it was her personalised feedback and constructive criticism that became invaluable to help take those skills to the next level.

Looking ahead, I am eager to continue honing my presentation skills and one day perhaps I would love to have the opportunity to deliver a Ted Talk using some personal stories…Thank you Louise!”

Pamola Garcia, Senior Leader at Service Now

Speakeasy coaching’s core is confidence building, public speaking and pitching though we cover so much more. We create strong and confident communicators in relaxed and encouraging environment. We don’t do stuffy, there’s plenty of laughs during our sessions.

Our highly recommended Public Speaking & Presentation Skills coaching are well documented on LinkedIn reviews 

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Case-study- Pi Datametrics

Pi Datametrics, a multinational software company, booked a group course to give their team a Confidence boost and a competitive edge in Pitching and Presenting.

Findings from the team feedback

Raise in General confidence –felt by 100% of groupGroup Coaching 6
Public speaking skills increase- felt by 100% group
Anxiety levels around presenting in person and online 100% of group decrease
The team scored the course 94% for overall quality
100% of the group would recommend us
100% would like further training with us

Here’s what they had to say.

If you have a group of smart people in your team who for whatever reason don’t always exhibit the right confidence and or the ability to articulate in an open forum then they should spend time with Louise. The team loved it and the outcome was brilliant. I 100% recommend it. Dan Titterton CEO

Louise’s course was truly amazing! Louise really pushes you to get out of your comfort zone. She was a great coach and gave me so much confidence in myself. Weeks ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of getting on a stage and presenting in front of an audience. She truly has been amazing, and I highly recommend her. Thank you so much. Holly Lloyd

Speakeasy Coaching is for you if:

  • You need to be an authority in your field
  • You have a team that would benefit from training
  • You are an industry expert who needs to set the status quo
  • You’re a leader in your organisation
  • You manage a team or department and need to communicate clearly
  • You need to know how to handle a question and answer session
  • You need to provide immediate messages under pressure both within and outside of your organisation
  • You need to engage and motivate your team and win more business
  • You’re pitching for business in a competitive area
  • You’re an entrepreneur who needs to communicate with all departments in your business
  • You want to hone your skills as a keynote speaker
  • You have an Ofsted or 360 evaluation planned

The Benefits of Speakeasy Coaching

  • You’ll excel at engaging your audience
  • You’ll find inspiration and ideas to create great content
  • You’ll see a marked improvement in your public speaking skills
  • You’ll lose your fear of Public Speaking
  • You’ll have the ability to present confidently at Networking events
  • You’ll break out of your comfort zone
  • You’ll enhance your confidence which will impact all aspects of life
  • You’ll be able to add humour into your communications
  • You’ll be able to impact on a larger audience through Public Speaking
  • You’ll master stage presence and delivery know-how
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