OutOfTheBox Networking is a new way to build real Connections while still having fun.

This is a networking event with a difference- it’s fun. Networking doesn’t need to be painful. This unique monthly event happens the second Thursday of each month and it’s purpose is to help establish genuine connections in a fun and social environment. Networking is followed by live entertainment, in the form of Stand-up Comedy.

The event is run by Comedian, Author and Entrepreneur, Louise Stevenson. CEO of Speakeasy Coaching and Brighton Comedy Course.

This event is for members and non-members alike, to network with like-minded folk in business, learn from each other and develop our businesses.

We don’t mind if two professionals from the same industry come along. People work with who they’re drawn to and collaboration is strongly encouraged in this group.

5From 6pm till 7.30pm There will be informal networking,1-minute introductions on you and your business and an educational or development slot to inspire or support us in our businesses.

We have a fantastic speaker, TBA.

7.30 till 8pm We’ll split into small groups to see how we can collaborate and support each other. We’ll move around so you increase the chance of having quality introductions to everyone in the room.

There will be an regular educational slot on Public Speaking, Confidence and Presentation by Speakeasy Coaching CEO, Louise Stevenson.

8pm- 9pm. It’s time to relax and have some laughs with your new found connections. You will be entertained by comedians who are shining on the comedy circuit. The evening will end on a glorious high a fantastic headliner TBA.

Last month sold out so book your place early. Wear whatever your comfortable in.

So bring your business cards, grab a drink and get ready to meet like-minded business folk in a completely different way.

Book Your place for next month.




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